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Anyone wishing to become a United States resident must have an immigration physical performed by a doctor licensed by the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services. Dr. Shakhashiro is licensed by this governing body and able to conduct Immigration Exams and Physicals for the Department of Homeland Security.

Immigration Physicals


Included in the immigration physicals:

•  Basic Physical Examination

•  Blood Work required by Immigration Services including

•  Tuberculosis (TB) skin testing and reporting

•  Vaccination Status – verification of required immunizations

•  Administration of Appropriate and Needed Vaccinations including:  

•  Tetanus

   -  Measles, Mumps and Rubella

   -  Varicella

•  Copy of Laboratory Results

•  Certified and sealed I-693 Form


What we need from you:

•  Government issued PHOTO identification card (drivers license or passport)

•  Immigration Physical form, I-693 – completed with your information

•  Proof of Vaccinations

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